Artie Abrams

We plan on smacking them down like the hand of God

Artie's Bio
Age: 16
Clique: Gleeks/Nerds
Talents: Singing, guitar, wheelchair dancing
Strengths: Confidence, attitude
Other: An avid gamer, improvises def poetry jams

Artie is the sweet, mild-mannered musician of the group, he cares deeply for his friends and has pull with the school's jazz band, who accompanies the Gleeks in their many numbers as well as the A/V club. When Artie was 8 years old, he and his mother were involved in a devastating car crash. His mother was fine, but Artie was left paralyzed from the waist down and has been in a wheelchair ever since (though he maintains the fact that he still has use of his "lower extremities")
Often a target of bullies such as the jocks (their favorite prank is locking him in the portable toilets), he doesn't seem to care and he shines within the glee club. He has co-directed two school musicals and several independent projects including a Christmas special for the local PBS station, and aspires to go to film school with the dream of becoming a leading director in Hollywood despite his disability

Actor Bio - Kevin McHale

Kevin hails from Plano, Texas. Before becoming an actor, he was a member of the boy band NLT (Not Like Them) for several years before disbanding in 2009, releasing 4 singles and opening for acts such as the Pussycat Dolls
He has also acted in several TV series such as True Blood and Zoey 101. One of his more notable guest spots was in a 2007 episode of The Office called "Launch Party", where he played a pizza delivery boy accidentally hostage by Steve Carell's character

His birthday is June 14

Fun Facts
Kevin prepared for his role as Artie by talking to friends and acquaintances in wheelchairs, including an old high school teacher of his