Formally known as the April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, the McKinley High auditorium is another place where all the Glee magic happens. Here you will find a complete directory of every single that has been performed on the show not featured on any of the soundtracks. Support the Glee cast by downloading the songs from iTunes!

Season 1 Singles
(songs not found on the soundtracks, listed by episode number)
1x01: On My Own (Rachel), Rehab (Vocal Adrenaline)
1x02: Push It (New Directions)
1x03: Mercy (Vocal Adrenaline)
1x05: Last Name (April and New Directions)
1x06: It's My Life/Confessions Part 2 (Glee Guys), Halo/Walking On Sunshine (Glee Girls)
1x08: Thong Song (Will)
1x09: Defying Gravity (Individual solos by Rachel and Kurt)
1x11: Bootylicious (Jane Addams Academy), Papa Don't Preach (Quinn), Hair/Crazy In Love (New Directions)
1x14: Hello, I Love You (Finn), Highway to Hell (Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline)
1x16: Fire (Will and April)
1x17: Ice Ice Baby (Will), Run Joey Run (Jesse, Rachel, Puck and Finn), U Can't Touch This (Artie)
1x18: Jessie's Girl (Finn), The Boy Is Mine (Mercedes and Santana)
1x19: Dream A Little Dream (Artie)
1x20: Funny Girl (Shelby), Shout It Out Loud (Glee Guys)
1x21: Good Vibrations (Finn, Puck and Mercedes), Tell Me Something Good (Will), Another One Bites The Dust (Vocal Adrenaline), It's A Man's Man's Man's World (Quinn)

Season 2 Singles
(songs not found on the soundtracks, listed by episode number)
2x01: Telephone (Rachel and Sunshine), Listen (Sunshine), What I Did For Love (Rachel)
2x02: Baby One More Time (Rachel), I'm A Slave For You (Brittany)
2x03: Only The Good Die Young (Puck), I Look To You (Mercedes), Papa Can You Hear Me? (Rachel), Losing My Religion (Finn), Bridge Over Troubled Water (Mercedes)
2x04: Sing! (Mike and Tina), Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Finn and Rachel), Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy (Kurt and Rachel), Le Jazz Hot (Kurt)
2x06: Start Me Up/Living On A Prayer (Glee Girls), Stop In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind (Glee Guys)
2x07: Singing In The Rain/Umbrella (Will and Holly), Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (Holly and Rachel), Make 'Em Laugh (Will)
2x08: Ohio (Sue and Doris)
2x09: Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Individual solos by Rachel and Kurt), The Living Years (The Hipsters), Dog Days Are Over (New Directions)
2x10: Welcome Christmas (New Directions)
2x13: I Know What Boys Like (Lauren)
2x14: Tik Tok (Brittany), One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (Will and Shannon), Blame It (On The Alcohol) (New Directions)
2x15: Afternoon Delight (Puck, Rachel, Emma, Quinn and Carl)
2x16: Hell To The No (Mercedes), Trouty Mouth (Santana), Big Ass Heart (Puck)
2x17: All By Myself (Sunshine), I Follow Rivers (Tina), Ain't No Way (Mercedes)
2x18: I've Got To Be Me (Finn)
2x19: I Don't Wanna Know (Finn and Quinn), Never Going Back Again (Artie)
2x20: Friday (Puck, Artie and Sam), Jar Of Hearts (Rachel), I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You (Blaine)
2x21: Back To Black (Santana), Some People (Kurt)
2x22: I Love New York/New York, New York (New Directions), For Good (Rachel and Kurt), Still Got Tonight (Will)^

^ denotes special added song

Season 3 Singles
(songs not found on the soundtracks, listed by episode number)
3x01: We Got The Beat (New Directions), Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do (Harmony and NYADA Hopefuls), Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead (Rachel and Kurt)
3x02: I'm The Greatest Star (Kurt), Something's Coming (Blaine)
3x03: Spotlight (Mercedes), Cool (Mike), It's All Over (Mercedes, Will and New Directions), Out Here On My Own (Rachel and Mercedes)
3x04: Bein' Green (Rory), Waiting For A Girl Like You (Puck), Candyman (The Troubletones), Take Care Of Yourself (Rory)
3x05: A Boy Like That/I Have A Love (Santana and Rachel), America (Santana, Puck and Tina), One Hand, One Heart (Rachel and Blaine)
3x06: You And I/You And I (Will and Shelby), I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams (New Directions), Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way Or Another (New Directions and Troubletones)
3x07: I Kissed A Girl (Glee Girls), I'm The Only One (Puck), Jolene (Shannon), Less Than Perfect (Blaine and Kurt)
3x08: I Will Survive/Survivor (The Troubletones), Buenos Aires (Harmony and the Unitards), Red Solo Cup (Sam)
3x09: My Favorite Things (Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt and Blaine)
3x10: Wedding Bell Blues (Emma), Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash (Artie), We Found Love (Rachel and Santana), The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Glee Girls), Without You (Rachel)
3x11: Wanna Be Starting Something (Blaine), Bad (New Directions and the Warblers), Scream (Artie and Mike), Human Nature (Sam and Mercedes), Ben (Kurt, Finn and Rachel), Smooth Criminal (Santana and Sebastian), Never Can Say Goodbye (Quinn), I Just Can't Stop Loving You (Finn and Rachel), Black Or White (New Directions)
3x12: Sexy And I Know It (David and Glee Guys), A Little Less Conversation (Will), La Isla Bonita (David and Santana), Bamboleo/Hero (Glee Guys), Don't Wanna Lose You (Mercedes)
3x13: L-O-V-E (Mike and Tina), Stereo Hearts (Joe, Sam and Mercedes), Let Me Love You (Artie), Home (Rory), I Will Always Love You (Mercedes), You're The Top (Hiram and Leroy), Cherish/Cherish (Quinn and God Squad), Love Shack (New Directions)
3x14: Cough Syrup (Blaine), Stand (Warblers), Glad You Came (Warblers), Fly/I Believe I Can Fly (Rachel, Artie and New Directions), Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (Mercedes, Brittany and Santana), Here's To Us (Rachel)
3x15: I'm Still Standing (Artie and Quinn), Hungry Like The Wolf/Rio (Blaine and Cooper), Fighter (Blaine), Up Up Up (Artie and Quinn), Somebody That I Used To Know (Blaine and Cooper)
3x16: Disco Inferno (Mercedes, Santana and Brittany), Boogie Shoes (Wade and Vocal Adrenaline), Night Fever (Will, Blaine and Joe), How Deep Is Your Love (Rachel), If I Can't Have You (Santana), More Than A Woman (Finn), Stayin' Alive (New Directions)
3x17: How Will I Know (Mercedes, Santana, Rachel and Kurt), I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Brittany and Santana), Saving All My Love For You (Joe and Quinn), So Emotional (Santana and Rachel), It's Not Right, But It's Okay (Blaine), I Have Nothing (Kurt), My Love Is Your Love (New Directions)
3x18: Not The Boy Next Door (Kurt), Cry (Rachel), The Rain In Spain (Glee Guys), Cell Block Tango (Glee Girls), Shake It Out (Mercedes, Santana and Tina)
3x19: Dinosaur (Brittany), Take My Breath Away (Quinn and Santana), Big Girls Don't Cry (Rachel, Kurt and Blaine), Love You Like A Love Song (Tina, Santana and Brittany), What Makes You Beautiful (Artie, Sam, Rory and Joe)
3x20: Mean (Shannon and Puck), Flashdance...What A Feeling (Tina and Rachel), Because You Loved Me (Tina)
3x21: It's All Coming Back To Me (Rachel), Paradise By The Dashboard Light (New Directions), Starships (Wade and Vocal Adrenaline), Pinball Wizard (Wade and Vocal Adrenaline), Tongue Tied (New Directions)
3x22: In My Life (New Directions Underclassmen)

Season 4 Singles
(songs not found on the soundtracks, listed by episode number)
4x01: Americano/Dance Again (Cassandra), Call Me Maybe (Blaine, Wade, Tina and Brittany), Never Say Never (Jake), Chasing Pavements (Marley and New Directions)
4x02: Hold It Against Me (Brittany), Boys/Boyfriend (Artie and Blaine), Womanizer (Unique, Tina and Marley), Crazy/You Drive Me Crazy (Jake and Marley), 3 (Tina, Sam and Joe), Oops!..I Did It Again (Rachel), Gimme More (Brittany), Everytime (Marley)
4x03: Celebrity Skin (Brittany and Sam), Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Blaine), The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed (Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle), A Change Will Do You Good (Rachel and Brody)
4x04: Don't Speak (Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine), Barely Breathing (Finn and Blaine), Teenage Dream [Acoustic Version] (Blaine)
4x05: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Marley and Unique), Jukebox Hero (Finn and Ryder)
4x07: Superman (Jake and Ryder)
4x08: Come See About Me (Quinn, Brittany and Santana), Whistle (Hunter and the Warblers), Let's Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time (Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle)
4x09: Something Stupid (Sam and Brittany), All That Jazz (Rachel and Cassandra), Being Alive (Kurt), Being Good Isn't Good Enough (Rachel), Don't Dream It's Over (Finn, Marley and New Directions)
4x11: Tell Him (Brittany and Marley), I Don't Know How To Love Him (Tina), Baby Got Back (Adam and the Apples), No Scrubs (Glee Guys), Locked Out Of Heaven (Marley and Unique), I Only Have Eyes For You (Ryder)
4x12: Torn (Rachel), Hot In Here/Centerfold (Jake, Ryder and Sam), A Thousand Years (Jake and Marley), Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) (Jake), Love Song (Rachel, Quinn and Santana), This Is The New Year (New Directions)
4x13: Diva (Tina, Brittany and Unique), Don't Stop Me Now (Blaine), Nutbush City Limits (Santana), Make No Mistake, She's Mine (Sam and Santana), Bring Him Home (Rachel and Kurt), Hung Up (Tina), Girl On Fire (Santana)
4x14: You're All I Need To Get By (Marley and Jake), (Not) Getting Married Today (Will, Emma and Mercedes), Just Can't Get Enough (Kurt and Blaine), We've Got Tonight (Rachel/Finn, Artie/Betty, Marley/Jake, Kurt/Blaine and Quinn/Santana), Anything Could Happen (Marley, Artie and Jake)
4x15: Come What May (Kurt and Blaine), Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl (Glee Girls), Footloose (Artie, Sam and Joe), Shout (Blaine and Brittany), You're All The World To Me (Will and Emma), Unchained Melody (Jake and Ryder), Old Time Rock And Roll/Danger Zone (Glee Guys), In Your Eyes (Will)
4x16: Cold Hearted (Santana), How To Be A Heartbreaker (Rachel and Brody), I Still Believe/Superbass (Blaine and Sue), Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way (Will and Finn), The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up (Ryder and Unique), Closer (Ryder and Jake)
4x17: Wannabe (Glee Girls), Creep (Rachel and Brody), My Prerogative (Jake), Copacabana (Sam), Against All Odds (Blaine), Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Blaine and Sam), Mamma Mia (Rachel, Kurt, Santana and New Directions)
4x18: More Than Words (Brittany and Sam), Your Song (Ryder), Say (Sam, Brittany, Blaine, Marley, Kitty and Ryder)
4x19: Don't Stop Believing (Rachel), You Have More Friends Than You Know (Marley, Blaine, Sam and Unique), (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) (Finn and Puck), Next To Me (Rachel and Shelby), Outcast (New Directions)
4x20: At The Ballet (Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Isabelle), Everybody Hurts (Ryder), For The Longest Time (New Directions), Little Girls (Sue), You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Sam and Ryder), We Will Rock You (New Directions)
4x21: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Kitty), You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (Kurt), Higher Ground (Mercedes), For Once In My Life (Artie), Superstition (Mercedes, Blaine and Marley), Uptight (Everything's Alright) (Cassandra), I Wish (Jake and Marley)
4x22: Clarity (Frida and the Hoosierdaddies), Wings (Frida and the Hoosierdaddies), I Love It (Glee Girls), All Or Nothing (Blaine and Marley), Hall Of Fame (Glee Guys), To Love You More (Rachel)

Season 5 Singles
(songs not found on the soundtracks, listed by episode number)
5x02: Revolution (Tina)
5x03: Seasons Of Love (New Directions), I'll Stand By You (Mercedes), Nothing Like Your Love (Rachel), If I Die Young (Santana), Fire And Rain (Sam and Artie), No Surrender (Puck)
5x04: Roar (New Directions, Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Dani and Elliott), Wide Awake (Tina, Unique, Jake and Kitty), Marry The Night (Elliott), Applause (Sam, Marley, Artie, Ryder and Blaine)
5x05: Wrecking Ball (Marley), If I Were A Boy (Unique), On Our Way (New Directions), Blurred Lines (Artie, Bree, Kitty, Jake and Will), You Are Woman, I Am Man (Rachel and Paolo)
5x06: Movin' Out (Blaine and Sam), Honesty (Artie), My Life (Jake), An Innocent Man (Ryder), Piano Man (Blaine), Just The Way You Are (Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Sam and Blaine), You May Be Right (Artie, Will, Jake, Kitty and Ryder)
5x07: Into The Groove (Kurt, Elliott, Rachel and Santana), Cheek To Cheek (Will and Sue), Nasty/Rhythm Nation (Jake, Marley and Bree), The Fox (New Directions, Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Elliott)
5x09: Don't Rain On My Parade (Santana), I Believe In A Thing Called Love (Kurt and Elliott), Whenever I Call You Friend (Tina and Artie), My Love (You're Never Gonna Get It) (Tina and Artie), Every Breath You Take (Rachel and Santana), Brave (Rachel and Santana), Breakaway (Artie, Blaine and Tina)
5x10: The Happening (Kurt, Dani and Elliott), Danny's Song (Will and Emma), Jumpin' Jumpin' (Blaine, Sam and Tina), Gloria (Rachel, Santana and Elliott), Barracuda (Rachel and Elliott), Don't You (Forget About Me) (Blaine, Sam and Tina), Hold On (New Directions Seniors, Rachel, Santana, Kurt, Dani and Elliott)
5x11: I Love L.A. (Artie, Jake, Blaine, Sam and Will), Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars (Jean-Baptiste and Throat Explosion), More Than A Feeling, America, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (New Directions)
5x14: You Make Me Feel So Young (Kurt and Blaine), Downtown (Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Sam), Best Day Of My Life (Blaine and Sam), Rockstar (Kurt and Elliott), Don't Sleep In The Subway (Artie and Rachel), People (Rachel)
5x15: No One Is Alone (Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Sam), (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman (Mercedes), Broadway Baby (Rachel and Blaine), Not While I'm Around (Blaine), Color Blind (Mercedes), I'm Still Here (Kurt)
5x16: Addicted To Love (Artie), I Want To Know What Love Is (Mercedes), Love Is A Battlefield (Blaine and Kurt)
5x17: Lovefool (Rachel), NYC (Will and Sue), I'm The Greatest Star (Rachel), Who Are You Now? (Rachel and Sue), Pumpin' Blood (Rachel, Mercedes and Santana)
5x18: Story Of My Life (Blaine and Kurt), Piece Of My Heart (Blaine and June), Wake Me Up (Rachel), Doo Wop (That Thing) (Mercedes and Santana), The Rose (Rachel)
5x19: I Melt With You (Sam, Rachel, Mercedes and Maggie), Werewolves Of London (Sam and Artie), Memory (Kurt and Maggie), Lucky Star (Kurt and Maggie), Take Me Home Tonight (Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Sam, Mercedes, Santana and Maggie)
5x20: Glitter In The Air (Rachel), Shakin' My Head (Mercedes), All Of Me (Blaine), Girls On Film (Sam), No Time At All (Blaine and June), American Boy (Blaine and Kurt), Pompeii (Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Sam, Mercedes and Rachel)

Season 6 Singles
6x01: Uninvited (Rachel), Suddenly Seymour (Blaine and Rachel), Sing (Blaine and the Warblers), Dance The Night Away (Vocal Adrenaline), Let It Go (Rachel)
6x02: Take On Me (New Directions Alumni), Tightrope (Jane and the Warblers), Problem (Quinn, Santana and Brittany), Mustang Sally (Roderick), Home (Mason, Madison, Spencer, Jane, Roderick and New Directions Alumni)
6x03: It's Too Late (Kurt and Blaine), Hand In My Pocket/I Feel The Earth Move (Brittany and Santana), Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet (Jane and Mason), So Far Away (Quinn and Tina), You've Got A Friend/You Learn (New Directions and Alumni)
6x04: A Thousand Miles (Sam and Rachel), Bitch (Sue), Whip It, Rock Lobster (Clint and Vocal Adrenaline)
6x05: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (The Warblers), My Sharona (The Warblers), All Out Of Love (Madison, Jane and Mason), It Must Have Been Love (Kitty and Spencer), Father Figure (Roderick and New Directions)
6x06: I'll Never Fall In Love Again (Sam and Rachel), Baby It's You (Mercedes and Glee Girls), Wishin' and Hopin' (Artie, Blaine, Brittany and Sam), Arthur's Theme (Glee Guys), Promises Promises (Rachel), Close To You (Sam), Alfie (Santana), What The World Needs Now (Will, New Directions and Alumni)
6x07: You Give Love A Bad Name (Vocal Adrenaline), Same Love (Will and Unique), All About That Bass (Mercedes and Roderick), Somebody Loves You (Kurt and Blaine), Time After Time (Sam and Rachel), I Know Where I've Been (Unique)
6x08: I'm So Excited (Pam, Carole, Maribel, Whitney and the Troubletones), Hey Ya! (Artie, New Directions and Alumni), At Last (Mercedes and Artie), Our Time Has Come (Kurt, Blaine, Brittany and Santana)
6x09: Lose My Breath (Myron), Friday I'm In Love (Spencer) I Want To Break Free (Mason), Break Free (Rachel, Myron, Will, Sue, Beiste and New Directions), Uptown Funk (New Directions), Cool Kids (New Directions)
6x10: Rather Be (New Directions), Trolley Song (Sue and Doris), Far From Over (Vocal Adrenaline), The Final Countdown (Sue and Will), Rise (New Directions/Warblers)
6x11: Listen To Your Heart (Rachel and Jesse), Broken Wings (The Falconers), We Built This City (Vocal Adrenaline), Mickey (Vocal Adrenaline), Chandelier (Madison, Kitty and New Directions), Take Me To Church (Roderick and New Directions), Come Sail Away (New Directions)
6x12: I Kissed A Girl (Tina), I'm His Child (Mercedes), Pony (Artie), Popular (Kurt and Rachel)
6x13: This Time (Rachel), Teach Your Children (Will), Someday We'll Be Together (Mercedes), Daydream Believer (Kurt and Blaine), The Winner Takes It All (Will and Sue), I Lived (Full Cast)

Vocal Cast (as of Season 6)
Main: Chris Colfer (Kurt), Darren Criss (Blaine), Dot-Marie Jones (Beiste), Jane Lynch (Sue), Kevin McHale (Artie), Lea Michele (Rachel), Matthew Morrison (Will), Chord Overstreet (Sam), Amber Riley (Mercedes)

Recurring/Past: Dianna Agron (Quinn), Jacob Artist (Jake), Kent Avenido (Howard), Melissa Benoist (Marley), Laura Dreyfuss (Madison), Ashley Fink (Lauren), Nolan Funk (Hunter), Patrick Gallagher (Ken), Dean Geyer (Brody), Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri), Noah Guthrie (Roderick), Grant Gustin (Sebastian), Blake Jenner (Ryder), Oliver Kieran-Jones (Adam), Samuel Larsen (Joe), Vanessa Lengies (Sugar), Billy Lewis Jr. (Mason), Jayma Mays (Emma), Damian McGinty (Rory), Curt Mega (Nick), Cory Monteith (Finn), Heather Morris (Brittany), Alex Newell (Unique), Finneas O'Connell (Alistair), Lindsay Pearce (Harmony), Naya Rivera (Santana), Mark Salling (Puck), Harry Shum Jr. (Mike), Ali Stroker (Betty), Becca Tobin (Kitty), Steven Toblowsky (Sandy), JJ Totah (Myron), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina), Samantha Ware (Jane), Erinn Westbrook (Bree), Marshall Williams (Spencer)

Guest Vocalists: Skylar Astin (Jean-Baptiste), Matt Bomer (Cooper), Carol Burnett (Doris), Kristin Chenoweth (April), Jennifer Coolidge (Whitney), Gloria Estefan (Maribel), Jeff Goldblum (Hiram), Max George (Clint), Jonathan Groff (Jesse), Ioan Gruffudd (Paolo), Neil Patrick Harris (Bryan), Kate Hudson (Cassandra), Adam Lambert (Elliott), k.d. lang (Herself), Demi Lovato (Dani), Shirley MacLaine (June), Ricky Martin (David), Idina Menzel (Shelby), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Leroy), Olivia Newton-John (Herself), Gwyneth Paltrow (Holly), Sarah Jessica Parker (Isabelle), Charice Pempengco (Sunshine), Romy Rosemont (Carole), Jessica Sanchez (Frida), June Squibb (Maggie), John Stamos (Carl)