Blaine Anderson

Prejudice is just ignorance

Blaine's Bio
Age: 17
Clique: Gleeks
Talents: Singing, motivation
Strengths: Loyalty to others
Other: Known for his preppy style

An extremely talented, openly gay young man, Blaine was the lead singer of the Warblers, the all-boys acapella choir at Westerville's prestigious Dalton Academy. He came to that school due to its zero-tolerance policy on bullying and the discrimination he faced at his old high school and flourished, eventually meeting Kurt Hummel. Blaine became his confidant due to Kurt's dealings with Karofsky and later blossomed into a steady relationship

Even after Kurt left Dalton when the regional show choir competition ended, the two continued to see each other until Blaine finally decided to transfer over to McKinley to be closer to him, becoming a member of New Directions in the process. Fiercely loyal to his friends, he adds positivity and talent to the team dynamic

Actor Bio - Darren Criss

Darren is from San Francisco. Although Blaine on Glee proved to be his breakout role, he is also a very talented singer, songwriter, musician and actor, having appeared in several independent films and small TV roles. He is also the creator and founding member of the theater group Team StarKid, whose productions A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel (based on the extremely popular Harry Potter book series) with him in the lead role went viral on YouTube leading to a third production called A Very Potter Threequel

He had auditioned for Glee several times, including a tryout for the role of Finn which eventually went to Cory Monteith. But eventually, he landed his big break when he was cast as Blaine and shot to stardom, winning a Teen Choice award in 2011 and scoring legions of new fans (he credits both the StarKid fans and the Glee fans for his newfound success). The popularity of his character in such a short vaulted Darren to the rank of series regular within the main Glee cast for the third season

His birthday is February 5

Fun Facts
Along with several other members of the Glee cast, Darren appeared in the video for Katy Perry's single "Last Friday Night"