Brittany Pierce

I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary

Artie's Bio
Age: 16
Clique: Gleeks
Talents: Dancing
Strengths: Performance ability, quirky one-liners
Other: Has a doll modeled after herself

Brittany is the stereotype of the "ditzy blonde". She's very scatter-brained (believing a ballad is a male duck, a duet is a blanket and that the square root of 4 is rainbows among other things), but that is the thing that makes her unique. One of the Cheerios, she initially joins New Directions with her friends Quinn and Santana as spies for Sue, but even she can't resist getting a chance to show off her amazing dancing skills
Despite being a cheerleader, Brittany loves being part of the glee club and is sometimes sympathetic towards her New Directions teammates. She is extremely close to Santana, and many believe that the two of them are dating - eventually she, along with Santana and Quinn, decide to quit the squad for good when Brittany fears being shot out of a cannon. She devotes her time to glee more than to the Cheerios, and her attention to her beloved cat Lord Tubbington

Actor Bio - Heather Morris

A blonde bombshell from Scottsdale, Arizona, Heather is a trained professional dancer. She started dancing when she was one year old and attended as many classes and competitions as she could - she is proficient in several different dance styles. After graduating from high school, she made the big move to LA to try and make it as a dancer. Her big break came in 2007 when she auditioned to be a backup dancer for Beyonce and got the job, performing with the singer in such high-profile shows as Saturday Night Live and the American Music Awards. On the side, Heather also did roles in Swingtown, Fired Up and Eli Stone
Heather was initially called by the Glee production team to teach members of the cast the "Single Ladies" dance, and was encouraged to try out for the part of Brittany by the show's choreographer Zach Woodlee, with whom she had worked before, and easily landed the part. She often says that she is not like her character, but does have an occasional "Brittany moment" from time to time.

Her birthday is February 1

Fun Facts
Heather tried out for the show So You Think You Can Dance with a friend of hers. She advanced to the boot camp in Las Vegas, but narrowly missed making the top 20