Emma Pillsbury

The only life worth living is one you're truly passionate about

Emma's Bio
Age: Early 30s
Occupation: McKinley High guidance counselor
Talents: Fangirling, helping others
Strengths: Giving advice
Other: A girl who knows her solvents

Emma is a guidance counselor at McKinley High. Sweet-natured and kind, she is always there to give advice to those who need it - teachers and students alike. She is also mysophobic. When she was little, she visited a dairy farm with her family. During a yogurt-tasting session, her brother pushed her into the runoff lagoon and could not forget the stench of the experience - thus leading to her fear of germs (though she does let Will touch her)
Emma has a secret crush on Will and acts as a motherly figure to the Gleeks (she is considered to be their friend and biggest fan). She was engaged for a time to school football coach Ken Tanaka (a scheme by Terri to keep her away from Will) so she wouldn't be lonely, but it was broken off when she chose taking the kids to their first sectionals competition over their wedding. She and Will shared a kiss in the end just as his marriage was falling apart, showing that she is Will's true center and that she really cares about him. Married for four months to dentist Carl Howell, the marriage is annuled when she finally comes to the realization that she still loves Will, and as of now the two are in a steady relationship with a promise from Will that he will always love her

Actor Bio - Jayma Mays

Jayma was born in Grundy, Virginia. She attended Grundy Senior High School and then went on to receive her performing arts degree from Radford University. Her first TV role came in 2004 with an appearance in the Friends spin-off Joey, then did her first film role some time later. Her other TV credits include Six Feet Under, Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, Ghost Whisperer, Ugly Betty and Heroes.
Of her film roles, she is best known for her appearances in Epic Movie and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. She was also cast in the live-action/CGI animation crossover film version of The Smurfs, which was released in July 2011 and became a surprise summer hit. She plays Grace Winslow, an expecting mother who with her husband Patrick befriends and protects the Smurfs who have ventured into the real world to escape their enemy Gargamel. She will reprise her role in Smurfs 2, set for a 2013 release

Jayma is married to husband Adam Campbell, who she met on the set of Epic Movie. Her birthday is July 16

Fun Facts
Glee was not the first time Jayma crossed paths with co-star Matthew Morrison. They worked together on a 2007 TV comedy pilot called Nice Girls Don't Get The Corner Office. Jayma played Angela, the afformentioned "nice girl", and Matthew played her friend and co-worker Brody