Kurt Hummel

One day, you will all work for me

Kurt's Bio
Age: 17
Clique: New Directions Alumni
Talents: Singing soprano
Strengths: His flair for fashion
Other: One-time kicker for the football team, knows how to do the "Single Ladies" dance

Kurt is the fashionable "miva" (male diva) of the glee club. He has an eye for style and a heart of gold, as one of the original six members of New Directions he is fiercely loyal to his teammates and once took a slushie to his own face to prove he would do anything for the group. Because of this, he is often tossed into dumpsters by the more popular kids, especially by the jocks (though not Finn or Puck)

When Kurt was younger, he lost his mother to a terminal illness, leaving his blue-collar father, Burt, to raise him as a single parent (though recently Burt married Finn's mother Carole, gaining a stepmother and a stepbrother). As a gay teenager, he is proud of who he is as a person and credits glee club as well as Will for accepting his lifestyle
His best friend and confidante in the group is Mercedes, and together they form a fashionable and formidable camaraderie. He was accepted to NYADA in time for the school's spring semester and also worked as an intern at Vogue.com

Actor Bio - Chris Colfer

Chris is the youngest of the core cast, having graduated from high school in 2008. He was born in Fresno, California and raised in the small town of Clovis, where he appeared in community theater since the age of eight. Attending Clovis East High School, he was a champion debater, president of the writing club, a member of the drama club, and in senior year wrote and starred in his spoof of Sweeney Todd called Shirley Todd

He had originally auditioned for the role of Artie, but in his audition Glee creator Ryan Murphy saw so much of the character of Kurt Von Trapp from The Sound of Music that he created a new part just for Chris and it would be the role that would launch him into stardom

Chris still resides in California. His birthday is May 27

Fun Fact
Chris is a self-proclaimed "ninja", he has an unusual talent for twirling sais, a type of Japanese dagger. He showed off his talents on the British talk/variety show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross (Amber Riley and Matthew Morrison hid behind the couch during this demonstration)