The library and resource center houses archival yearbooks and video footage of McKinley High's past. Here you will find summaries of the various episodes of Glee

The story so far...
New Directions had their work cut out for them following their 12th-place finish at nationals in New York and with about half of their original group set to graduate. Challenges arose with the formation of the Troubletones (and subsequent defections), increased rivalries, rocky relationships and paths for some of the seniors' futures yet to be determined, they still had a job to do and with new members joining the team, hard work and increased determination, the club finally broke through when it counted, winning McKinley's first national show choir championship in nearly 20 years and finally taking down their arch-rivals Vocal Adrenaline

So now with the dawn of another school year comes the club's biggest challenges yet. Will some of the recently graduated seniors find their way? And most importantly, will the new generation of New Directions be able to make the magic happen again?

And that's what you missed on Glee!

Mr. Schue's Assignment for Season 4: REBUILD

Episode 1: The New Rachel (Original airdate: 9/13/12)
Rachel begins her New York journey as a freshman at NYADA with strict dance teacher Cassandra July (Kate Hudson) scrutinizing her every move. Back in Lima, New Directions is in rebuilding mode with potential new members joining their ranks, a determination to get back to nationals, and everyone wanting to be the group's star performer

Episode 2: Britney 2.0 (Original airdate: 9/20/12)
When Brittany is thrown off the Cheerios, she falls into a deep depression and in an attempt to cheer her up, Will and Emma formulate a plan that requires revisiting the songs of Britney Spears. Meanwhile Kurt, searching for direction, finally arrives in New York, and Jake gets some tough love from half-brother Puck

Episode 3: Makeover (Original airdate: 9/27/12)
Will's confidence in coaching glee club slips, so he looks to two different outlets to re-ignite his passion. Blaine and Brittany battle it out to become senior class president, while in New York Kurt gets a dream internship at Vogue under the supervision of Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker), who gives Rachel a makeover

Episode 4: The Break-Up (Original airdate: 10/4/12)
Things get complicated within the glee world as Rachel and Finn officially break up, Kurt and Blaine hit a snag in their relationship and Kitty and Marley battle for Jake's heart. Meanwhile, Will is offered a job in Washington that would threaten to tear him and Emma apart

Episode 5: The Role You Were Born To Play (Original airdate: 11/8/12)
Artie enlists the help of Mike and Mercedes to put on the school's annual musical, while Coach Beiste helps Emma and Will smooth out a kink in their relationship. Finn recruits Ryder Lynn (Blake Jenner) to audition for the play, and Sue finds a new narrow-minded cause to follow

Episode 6: Glease (Original airdate: 11/15/12)
The glee club prepares to put on their production of "Grease" as Will prepares to take his sabbatical in Washington and leaves the group in Finn's care, causing Sue to drop her truce against the club. Rachel prepares for her first off-Broadway audition, arousing the jealousy of Cassandra

Episode 7: Dynamic Duets (Original airdate: 11/22/12)
The Warblers, led by new lead Hunter (Nolan Funk), steals New Directions' nationals trophy in a plot to get Blaine to transfer back to Dalton. Finn, in his first time as interim glee coach, organizes a superhero-themed duet assignment and the kids work together to get their trophy back

Episode 8: Thanksgiving (Original airdate: 11/29/12)
Kurt and Rachel host a Thanksgiving party at their place in New York, while in Lima the rest of the New Directions alumni reunite for a celebration of their own and prepare to cheer on and mentor the new generation of the club in their sectionals battle against the Warblers

Episode 9: Swan Song (Original airdate: 12/6/12)
Kurt gets a second chance at a spot at NYADA while Rachel receives the honor of performing in the school's Winter Showcase, which continues to impact her rivalry with Cassandra. In Lima, New Directions comes to grips with the aftermath of sectionals, causing Finn to contemplate his future as its interim coach

Episode 10: Glee, Actually (Original airdate: 12/13/12)
Sam and Brittany vow to live their lives to the fullest as they worry about the impending Mayan apocalypse. Artie has a dream that changes his outlook on life, Puck and Jake do some sibling bonding over Hanukkah, Sue opens her heart to Marley and her mom and Kurt has a memorable Christmas of his own thanks to Burt and Blaine

Episode 11: Sadie Hawkins (Original airdate: 1/24/13)
The McKinley High Sadie Hawkins dance gives several members of the glee club a sense of empowerment, while on his first day at NYADA Kurt makes a new friend in an upperclassman named Adam. Meanwhile, Blaine and Sam team up to investigate a possible sectionals cheating scandal involving the Warblers, which could give New Directions a shot at regionals redemption

Episode 12: Naked (Original airdate: 1/31/13)
With New Directions back in the game as a result of the sectionals debacle, Tina proposes to put out a "Men of McKinley" calendar featuring the glee guys to raise funds for the trip to regionals while Finn and Sue go at each other in yet another throwdown. At NYADA, Rachel is cast in a student film... which would require her to do a topless scene

Episode 13: Diva (Original airdate: 2/7/13)
New Directions is given an assignment that lets them embrace their inner diva when they feel they don't have the confidence to win at regionals. Kurt, ticked off by Rachel's attitude, challenges her to a NYADA-style diva-off, Emma starts to get frazzled over her upcoming wedding, and Santana challenges Sam for Brittany while deciding on her future

Episode 14: I Do (Original airdate: 2/14/13)
This year, it's sure to be a Valentine's Day like no other...and one nobody will ever forget! With many surprises in store, the New Directions members and alumni come together to witness and celebrate the much anticipated wedding of Will and Emma

Episode 15: Girls (and Boys) On Film (Original airdate: 3/7/13)
The kids get an assigment using music from the movies, and Will is determined to find Emma after what happened at the wedding. Meanwhile, Santana's snooping unearths a couple of very shocking discoveries while snowed in at the loft, a secret about Brody is revealed, and several people make some surprising confessions with varying degrees of success

Episode 16: Feud (Original airdate: 3/14/13)
When a conflict starts to rise between Will and Finn, the New Directions members decide to intervene by turning the tables on their coaches and assigning a theme week of songs featuring epic artist feuds in the hopes of bringing them back on the same page

Episode 17: Guilty Pleasures (Original airdate: 3/21/13)
With Finn gone and Will out with the flu, Sam and Blaine team up to assign the leaderless glee club songs relating to their guilty pleasures. Kurt reveals a pleasure of his own, Santana finds out more about Brody's "extracurricular activities" and Rachel makes a decision that could possibly jeopardize her future

Episode 18: Shooting Star (Original airdate: 4/11/13)
Brittany predicts that the end of the world will come about with a meteorite falling to Earth, and Beiste develops a crush on Will. Meanwhile, when a gunshot is heard in the McKinley hallways, the school goes into lockdown with staff and students alike fearing for their safety as they deal with the situation

Episode 19: Sweet Dreams (Original airdate: 4/18/13)
The theme of Regionals is "dreams", but the kids aren't too thrilled with Will's choices, giving Marley the courage to suggest performing songs she's written. Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes) returns to McKinley, Finn settles into college life with Puck, and Shelby (Idina Menzel) helps Rachel prepare for her "Funny Girl" audition

Episode 20: Lights Out (Original airdate: 4/25/13)
When the power goes out at McKinley, Finn and Will encourage the kids to go "unplugged" and try acoustic versions of songs. In New York, Isabelle recruits Kurt to help out with the upcoming Vogue charity event, bringing Rachel and Santana along

Episode 21: Wonder-ful (Original airdate: 5/2/13)
The music of Stevie Wonder sets the scene when Mike and Mercedes return to help New Directions with their final preparations for regionals and Kurt comes home for Burt's next round of cancer treatments. Artie receives some news that could change the lives of both himself and his mom Nancy (Katey Sagal)

Episode 22: All Or Nothing (Original airdate: 5/9/13)
New Directions hits the stage for regionals, up against the Nuntouchables and the Hoosierdaddies with their powerhouse lead Frida (Jessica Sanchez). Ryder learns the identity of his "catfisher", Rachel finds out the results of her audition, and a couple will be ready to make it to the altar

*End of Season 4*