Noah "Puck" Puckerman

A cougar never disappoints

Puck's Bio
Age: 18
Clique: New Directions Alumni
Talents: Football, singing, playing guitar, seduction
Strengths: Being a "bad boy", making people feel sorry for him
Other: Runs a pool-cleaning business, has a thing for cougars

Puck is the ultimate badass who plays by his own rules. He was a delinquent jock with a troubled past (his father walked out on him and his family) before being recruited by Finn to join the glee club - in a way to get closer to Quinn Fabray, with whom he fathered a child. Despite his tough-guy image, he is a good guy at heart and is loyal to his New Directions teammates (he and Mike are the only alumni who did not leave for reasons other than graduating)
In a way, glee helped him turn his life around. His grades got better and he finally graduated, heading to Los Angeles to expand his pool-cleaning business. He recently returned to Lima with the goal of becoming a scriptwriter, learned he has a half-brother named Jake, and is currently attending the Universiy of Lima with Finn

Actor Bio - Mark Salling

Mark is from Dallas, Texas. Though music was his first love, he did small acting roles as a child in TV commercials, the TV series Walker: Texas Ranger and the film Children of the Corn: The Gathering. In high school, he was an athlete much like Puck but wasn't the bad boy that his character was, participating in rugby and wrestling.
A multi-talented musician, he has been playing several instruments since the age of 5 and wrote his first song at age 7, even giving music lessons to earn a living. He has since released two independent albums called Smoke Signals and Pipe Dreams, writing and producing all the songs himself

His birthday is August 17

Fun Facts
Mark gave himself a mohawk hairstyle out of boredom, hoping to stand out at his Glee audition. It paid off, so he kept the style as part of his character