Quinn Fabray

When you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down

Quinn's Bio
Age: 17
Clique: New Directions Alumni
Talents: Flirting, singing
Strengths: Leadership, her devotion to her faith
Other: Former president of the school celibacy club

Quinn had everything going for her - she was the captain of the Cheerios, president of the celibacy club, top of the social ladder and had the perfect boyfriend. That is, until she learned that she was pregnant with the child of her boyfriend's best friend. One of Sue Sylvester's strongest squad members, she initially joins the glee club with her fellow cheerleaders Santana Lopez and Brittany as spies to bring the club down from the inside. However, when the pregnancy story circulates and Quinn is dropped from the Cheerios, she soon learns to embrace her place among the Gleeks as somewhere she feels she truly belongs

She comes from a strong Christian family who upholds traditional values, but her parents throw her out after learning about her pregnancy. After giving birth to a baby girl during regionals, she decides to give it up for adoption and begin her life anew. She re-joined the Cheerios for a time, but thanks to Finn decides to quit and stay with New Directions

Quinn is attending Yale University as a student in their drama program

Actor Bio - Dianna Agron

Dianna is from Savannah, Georgia. She was the last person to be cast among the canon roles of Glee, and unlike her character who is Christian, Dianna is Jewish.
She attended school in Burlingame, California and has appeared in several films and TV shows since 2006. Her TV work includes roles in CSI: NY, Drake & Josh, Numbers, Heroes and Veronica Mars. Film roles include TKO, Celebrities Anonymous and the upcoming films The Romantics and Burlesque. She also wrote a screenplay in 2009 called A Fuchsia Elephant

Dianna currently resides in southern California. Her birthday is April 30

Fun Facts
One of Dianna's interests is visiting cemeteries. She likes them because they make her feel at peace with herself, and the lack of people is an added bonus