Sue Sylvester

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Sue's Bio
Age: Late 40s
Occupation: Coach of the Cheerios
Talents: Plotting, scheming, quirky one-liners
Strengths: Getting what she wants, her ambitious attitude
Other: Host of "Sue's Corner" on the WOHN Evening News, owns a Venus flytrap

She's brash, she's bold, she's in-your-face and she'll let you know it. Sue Sylvester is the head coach of the Cheerios, McKinley High's internationally-ranked cheerleading team, and the glee club's main antagonist. She will stop at nothing to win and make sure her status in the school is assured for years to come
When Will revives the glee club, Sue is against the idea and vows to destroy it at all costs to have her full budget restored, so she recruits cheerleaders Quinn, Brittany and Santana as spies to bring it down from the inside (though as time progresses, the three Cheerios discover that glee is not so bad, causing her plan to fail). She even goes as far as involving Will's wife Terri and ex-director Sandy Ryerson in her schemes. But when her greatest scheme, leaking the glee club's sectionals setlist to their competition, backfires and gets her suspended from school, she promises to return more bent on the club's destruction. However, little does Sue know that she has a lot in common with New Directions than she thinks when, as she is serving as a judge at the 2010 regional show choir competition, is told that she's just a nobody from small-town Ohio and actually sees the influence Will has on his kids and successfully convinces Figgins to give the club another year to prove itself

When the school year starts again, Sue goes back to her scheming ways, but at a price: losing Quinn, Santana and Brittany to the glee club for good and failing to qualify for cheer nationals as a result. And after her beloved older sister Jean passes away, she decides to run for Congress igniting a truce with Will (who helped her get through the grieving) and ending her grudge against New Directions once and for all

Actor Bio - Jane Lynch

Jane hails from Dolton, Illinois, a small village south of Chicago. She toured with the famed Second City comedy troupe before embarking on a TV and film career that has lasted over two decades. She is best known for her roles in the mockumentaries directed by Christopher Guest, such as For Your Consideration, Best In Show and A Mighty Wind. She has also appeared in films such as The Fugitive, Collateral Damage, Julie and Julia and The 40-Year-Old Virgin
Among her TV credits, Jane frequently appeared on Two and a Half Men as Charlie's sarcastic shrink. Other TV credits include roles in Party of Five, Married...With Children, The L Word, Criminal Minds and Boston Legal

Like co-star Chris Colfer, Jane is openly gay. She got married in June 2010 to her longtime partner Lara Embry, who is a doctor. Her birthday is July 14

Fun Facts
Despite the characters of Sue and Will being arch-enemies, Jane and Matthew are very close friends on the set